Approved Collision Repair

At Volkswagen we want to ensure that in the unfortunate event of an accident, no matter how small, your Volkswagen is repaired to Volkswagen standards. Our network of Approved Collision Repairers will maintain the integrity of your vehicle by using only Genuine Body Panels, factory approved repaired methods, factory trained technicians, certified tools and equipment

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You have a choice

In the event of an accident, ensure your vehicle is delivered to an Approved Collision Repairer certified by Volkswagen.

You have a choice as to where your vehicle is repaired, so why not choose the experts trained by Volkswagen?

Our approved collision repairers will manage the claim process with your insurer, delivering the best results for both you and your vehicle.

Independent Testing

Two identical Mark 7 Golfs were chosen for this experiment. Both vehicles had the bonnet, front mask, cross member, mud guard and bumper trim replaced. The Blue Golf was fitted with Genuine Parts® and the Silver Golf with after-market parts.

Both vehicles were crash tested at 15km/h and the results were staggering. The Blue Golf with Genuine Parts only required 15 new parts as a result of the accident, where the Silver Golf required 38 parts. The value of genuine speaks volumes. Watch the video to learn more.

Safe Wrapping

More that just a good view

Safe. Stability. Protection

Safe Support

  • The windscreen provides support for the airbags during inflation.


  • Your windscreen is firmly bonded to the bodywork of your Volkswagen and hence a load bearing component. Almost 30% of the bodywork's ability to distort depends on it - and on its condition, of course.

Comprehensive Protection

  • The windscreen protects you against the wind, UV radiation and noise. A Genuine Windscreen will help your interior heat up less in summer.

Windscreen Calibration

The importance of re-calibration

In the event of windscreen replacement it is crucial that the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) on your Volkswagen are re-calibrated.

Only a trained technician at a Volkswagen approved service centre can perform a calibration of these systems and we recommend requesting a Volkswagen genuine windscreen from your insurance company to reduce any complications that may arise from incompatibility.

Safety First

An extra layer of protection

ADAS systems work through the camera that is fitted to the centre of your windscreen..

Correct calibration ensures the systems that monitor blind spots, pedestrians and proximity to other objects are working effectively, so it is important that the camera is calibrated by a trained Volkswagen technician.

Other systems such as lane assist, park assist and emergency braking collision avoidance can be effected by a lack of calibration. Put safety first and request Volkswagen Genuine.


Clean Windscreen. Good Visibility.

Only if you have a clear view of the road are you able to react properly. That's why, with your windscreen, regular cleaning coupled with Volkswagen Genuine Wiper Blades will deliver a safer driving experience.